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Access to the Members’ Zone and other restricted features is only available to registered users of the website.
New users can only be added by existing registered users of the website.
New users will receive an e-mail containing their username and instructions for setting up a password.


Usernames are of the form: firstname.lastname all in lowercase.
Only the lowercase letters a-z, hyphen and the full stop separating the first and last names are allowed.
Apostrophes in a name are removed. E.g. John O’Brien will have the username: john.obrien
Common names are used. E.g. David Smith-Jones, known as "Dave", will have the username: dave.smith-jones


Passwords are set up by you. They can contain any common keyboard characters, apart from spaces.
Passwords are case-sensitive. Thus, "mypassword" will be rejected if the password is actually "MyPassword".
Passwords are stored encrypted.

Forgotten your login details?

In the event that you forget your login details, you may be able to reset your website user account yourself.
The Password Reset page uses your registered email address to do this.
You will be sent an email with a note of your username and instructions for setting up a new password.
You will need to ensure that the email address held in your user profile is kept up to date for this process to work.

Please contact the Webmaster if you are unable to resolve the matter yourself.