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Horsington – 30 May 2010

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Not a bad effort...
...Boris and Will as the Blues Brothers
Kommanding Kommander
Hansie making a big tit of himself
What do we have here?
Juggs goes native
The game in action
Guess my nickname
Shades of Cool Hand Luke
Getting excited
Bearded lady
Oh my god, how much is this going to cost me?
Everyone's happy!
Where did you get that hat?
You've had your (fish and) chips
Like father like son
I dream of you
As the two Romans said to the slave
That's a devilishly gay toga
Darts: with a lechorous Kommander in the foreground
Condom -- a la Frodo -- a packet of one?
Kommander's party piece -- accomplished in 0.75 seconds...
...and repeated 3 to 5 times!
Relative Roman sobriety
A touch of the Neros
I love my lion costume
A touch of the Neros, or should that be Xeros?
Business as usual
Something more adventurous...
...given the sex change
She's behind you!
The crowd is restless
Mixed emotions
In good voice
Practising for crowd shots at Glastonbury
Do I look or sound completely plastered?
Now you know what's in store for you
I'm talking rubbish -- better have another!
Darling, you've crashed out
There's just no pleasing some people
The game is on -- Aussie Brians in attendance
Plastic Penthouse encourages from the boundary
Where's Tanya?
Where's Brealey?
Shades of a once great captain
The Admiral and his Brian bosun
Sardonic smile
Court is in session
Kommander considers his verdict